Transylvania Golden Wheat

A vibrant and delicate golden limestone with warm veining and shell detail that give an instant splash of colour. Ideal for all areas of your home as it adds a luxurious feel.

Hardness (MOHS) -
Unit Weight (kg/m3) (Dry) -
Unit Weight (kg/m3) (Saturated) -
Water Absorption at Atmosphere Pressure by Weight (%) -
Water Absorption in Hot Water (%) -
Compressive Strength Rc(N/mm2) (Resistance to frost) -
Bending Tensile Strength (kg/cm3) -
Porosity (%) -
Resistance to frost- defrost (%) (50 cycles) -
The Average in Abrasion Strength (cm3/50 cm2) -


Finisaj Polished, Brushed, Honed
Application Indoor flooring, Outdoor flooring, Pattern, Interior design, Bathroom design, Fences, Public projects, Stairs, Facades
Shade Beige
Products Pattern, Split face, Graffiatura, Bricks, Slabs, Cobbles, Special products
Finisaje N/A
Recomandari N/A
Unitate de Masura No

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Transylvania Golden Wheat
Transylvania Golden Wheat Transylvania Golden Wheat Transylvania Golden Wheat Transylvania Golden Wheat
  • Transylvania Golden Wheat
  • Transylvania Golden Wheat
  • Transylvania Golden Wheat
  • Transylvania Golden Wheat

Transylvania Golden Wheat

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  • Transylvania Golden Wheat
  • Transylvania Golden Wheat
  • Transylvania Golden Wheat
  • Transylvania Golden Wheat
    Hardness (MOHS) -
    Unit Weight (kg/m3) (Dry) -
    Unit Weight (kg/m3) (Saturated) -
    Water Absorption at Atmosphere Pressure by Weight (%) -
    Water Absorption in Hot Water (%) -
    Compressive Strength Rc(N/mm2) (Resistance to frost) -
    Bending Tensile Strength (kg/cm3) -
    Porosity (%) -
    Resistance to frost- defrost (%) (50 cycles) -
    The Average in Abrasion Strength (cm3/50 cm2) -